On Saturday 18th February 2017, we had planned a gender reveal party for all our friends and family. Unfortunately it didn’t quite go to plan as the week leading up to our scan & party, I ended up being admitted to hospital from Hyperemesis Gravidarum if you don’t know what that is you can read about it here. I was eventually allowed to leave hospital Friday afternoon. I love planning little events, so to suddenly not have the energy to plan something that meant so much to Ross and I, was really tough to get through. I wasn’t even sure I’d be well enough to make the scan, let alone host a little party.SARAH_2

On the morning of our scan I was so excited, so anxious and so tired! I was determined to make sure we still had a lovely day regardless of the weeks events, We had our scan at Window to Womb in Worthing, they were absolutely amazing, everyone that worked there was incredibly friendly and put my mind at ease instantly. It was very obvious (as soon as they showed us what we were looking at) that we are expecting a Baby Boy! I absolutely loved being able to share that moment with just Ross and I. We then went to the shops and brought balloons, banners and anything we could get our hands on quickly so that we could celebrate with our close friends & family! Our plan was to let balloons off where we’re going to get married, but instead we all went to my parents to make it easier for me if I wasn’t well, and we let balloons off in their garden, watched a video of the ultrasound and enjoyed nibbles.

Gender Reveal (7)

We had everyone write their guesses on our black board before we released the
balloons, and shared photos along side from our 12 week scan.

Gender Reveal (5)
We decorated our conservatory with Pink and Blue table clothes, a Boy or Girl banner from eBay. Along with Pink and Blue balloons with baby grows on them saying ‘Little Mister’ and ‘Little Mistress’ from The Sussex Party shop which has such a cute section for gender reveals and baby showers.

Thank you for reading!




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