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Hi everyone!!

Since Jaiden was around two months, my hair has moulted. A LOT. It’s horrible and I’ve had many meltdowns convincing myself that I had bald patches or I would wake up completely bald. With our wedding day getting closer I’ve done everything I can to make sure my hair stays healthy whilst it gets over moulting (unfortunately there’s no way of stopping your hair from falling out it’s just something you have to ride out) so I thought I would share with all of you how to get through the worst. 

• Wash your hair once every three days. I use mane and tail shampoo & conditioner it makes my hair so shiny & soft! And on non-wash days I use dry shampoo normally on day 2 & 3! 

• Avoid using heat as much as you can and use heat defence if you do! (I found this so hard to do as I always washed my hair everyday, and blow dried it – but now I don’t have time – thanks Jaiden!)

• I’ve been using coconut oil by Ogx every morning when you wake up and every night before bed. 
• Get your hair cut regularly – another thing I’ve always struggled with as I wanted my hair to grow cutting it didn’t seem logical, it’s really helped to keep my hair strong and healthy (now to work on the length!)

• Brush your hair! As much as you don’t want to as that’s when most of your hair comes out, tip your head upside down and give your hair a really good brush day & night!
Hope this helps girls!! 

Love Sarah & Jaiden 



Angel care bath seat | misstomrsb 

After posting a photo of Jaiden in his Angel care bath seat, I’ve had lots of people message me to ask if I would recommend it. 

And I 100% would recommend it to any parents!

I purchased the Angel care bath seat for Jaiden when he was 6 weeks old, he had outgrown his baby bath by being a super long bubba! I needed something that would allow me to have both my hands free whilst bathing.

I loved how soft and comfortable the angel care seat felt rather than other bath seats that are plastic all over which makes them cold and slippery. There’s also a max fill line which is the perfect amount.

It’s lightweight and super easy to clean. It comes with a little loop at the bottom of it so it’s easily hung up and put out the way which is so handy as I hate having a messy bathroom! Something I will have to get over as Jaiden gets older with all his bath toys!

The best part about it, is Jaiden loves it, he’s able to kick his legs and move his arms around. He absolutely loves bath time. He always looks so comfortable on it and it’s the perfect position for any age, he isn’t sat upright or laying back to much. 


Thank you for reading! I hope this helps anyone wanting to get one. 

Love,   Sarah & Jaiden xox


Photoshoot with Samphire Photography

When Jaiden was 2 weeks old we went to Clare at Samphire Photography for the most amazing photoshoot. We actually got this as a gift from my mum & Ross’ dad. 

After having Jaiden in care for over a week, I was pretty nervous at handing my baby over to someone I didn’t know, but Clare was brilliant with him and completely put me at ease from the beginning. I cannot recommend her enough!

All the positions are supported by mummy or daddy throughout the shoot and during the more natural photos a heater is turned on to keep them comfy. Jaiden couldn’t of been more content laying on comfy cushions, all snug and warm, he was fast asleep and looked perfect. 

A couple of days after the shoot we were sent all the photos to pick from, it was the most impossible task. I’ve added a few of the photos we picked below 🙂



My hospital bag. 

With 10 days to go until baby B is due, I thought I would do a blog post on my hospital bag. Which I’ve packed and unpacked a million times..

We have a bag for me, baby and my fiancé.

In my hospital bag: (Cath Kidston)

  • Two cheap nighties,
  • Dressing gown & matching maternity nighty (from: blooming marvellous at Mothercare.)
  • Primark flip flops & slippers,
  • Towel & face cloth, 
  • Swimwear,
  • Travel size; Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and tooth brush & paste. 
  • Maternity & Breast pads,
  • Nipple cream,
  • Face wipes,
  • Comfortable knickers,
  • Handheld fan,
  • Cooling Spray,
  • Coming home outfit. (Baggy t-shirt and leggings). 
  • Snacks and drinks.  


My little mans bag: (also our changing bag – Tiba & Marl)

  • Vests x3,
  • Babygrows x3,
  • Cardigan,
  • Bibs,
  • Hand mits,
  • Socks,
  • Hats,
  • Comforter,
  • Blanket,
  • Dummies,
  • Nappy bags,
  • Nappies x10,
  • Cotton pads,
  • Muslins x3,
  • Tiba & Marl changing mat (that comes with the bag)
  • Maxi Cosi Car seat.

My fiancé bag is of course a batman messenger bag from MenKind, which just has a spare t-shirt, trousers & a couple of toiletries and some things to do to pass the time whilst in labour. He’s also packed change for the carpark & a phone charger. 

I also have a suitcase packed full of more clothes and toiletries incase we end up staying in longer. Luckily we don’t live far from the hospital so if I’ve forgotten something or need things it can easily be picked up for us 🙂

I hope this helps anyone trying to pack their hospital bag, or if you’ve already packed or think of anything else we might need let me know!


Sarah & Bump x



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Happy Easter everyone!!

On Tuesday we had our yearly Easter egg hunt for Ross’ little brother & sisters – I say little, they’re 13 & 14 and taller than me already! So with them being TEENAGERS (waaa!) this year I decided to up my game and make it a little harder for them.

I added little notes inside our plastic eggs with different challenges on which they had to do before finding the next egg.  Between them they had over 40 eggs to find and a giant Golden egg that I managed to track down from Hobby Craft! Finding this meant one of them won a basket full of sweets and choccy & a wooden white rabbit from Beauy Crafts which fits a creme egg in.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I also baked lots of cupcakes, brownies & nests for them to take home. (For everyone asking I’ll do a blog post on recipes soon)

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Cupcake cases and bunny toppers from Asda.
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Easter Plates & Napkins from Asda.

Bump & I hope you had a lovely Easter break.



On Saturday 18th February 2017, we had planned a gender reveal party for all our friends and family. Unfortunately it didn’t quite go to plan as the week leading up to our scan & party, I ended up being admitted to hospital from Hyperemesis Gravidarum if you don’t know what that is you can read about it here. I was eventually allowed to leave hospital Friday afternoon. I love planning little events, so to suddenly not have the energy to plan something that meant so much to Ross and I, was really tough to get through. I wasn’t even sure I’d be well enough to make the scan, let alone host a little party.SARAH_2

On the morning of our scan I was so excited, so anxious and so tired! I was determined to make sure we still had a lovely day regardless of the weeks events, We had our scan at Window to Womb in Worthing, they were absolutely amazing, everyone that worked there was incredibly friendly and put my mind at ease instantly. It was very obvious (as soon as they showed us what we were looking at) that we are expecting a Baby Boy! I absolutely loved being able to share that moment with just Ross and I. We then went to the shops and brought balloons, banners and anything we could get our hands on quickly so that we could celebrate with our close friends & family! Our plan was to let balloons off where we’re going to get married, but instead we all went to my parents to make it easier for me if I wasn’t well, and we let balloons off in their garden, watched a video of the ultrasound and enjoyed nibbles.

Gender Reveal (7)

We had everyone write their guesses on our black board before we released the
balloons, and shared photos along side from our 12 week scan.

Gender Reveal (5)
We decorated our conservatory with Pink and Blue table clothes, a Boy or Girl banner from eBay. Along with Pink and Blue balloons with baby grows on them saying ‘Little Mister’ and ‘Little Mistress’ from The Sussex Party shop which has such a cute section for gender reveals and baby showers.

Thank you for reading!





Welcome to my first blog post!

It took me a while to think about what I’d like to put as my first blog, but what better way to start than re-living the day Ross proposed to me!

Since being together every year we have gone to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London – if you haven’t been it’s definitely worth a visit! It normally opens in November so make sure to mark it on your calendar – you wont regret it, I promise!

It was 12th December 2015, we planned to go to Winter Wonderland on a double date with our two best friends who hadn’t been before – I was so excited yet I had no idea what was to come…

We spent the day looking around the market stalls, and playing games trying to win cuddly toys and giant toblerone –  which Abbie managed to win & I’m still in a mood that she won & I didn’t!
We had booked to go into the Magical Ice Kingdom, as we queued up to go inside I noticed Ross had become quiet but I just thought he was hangry LOL.
We walked around taking photos of all the ice sculptures and selfies with each other, at this point Ross didn’t really respond to anyone talking to him and was turning white. I kept asking him if he was alright and did he want to leave if he wasn’t feeling well.. He just responded with a simple ‘No’ and pretended he was enjoying himself – although I knew he wasn’t. At the back of the Ice Kingdom is two ice chairs sat outside of an ‘Ice Castle’ with a slide! Everyone queues up to get photos taken, which is something we have done yearly, so as me and Ross queued up our friends ran to the photographer and said they would take them so we didn’t have to pay this year.. As you can tell this was just one of the many lies I was told that day.

Ross and I queued up in silence as Ross was ‘hangry’ little did I know he was just so unbelievably nervous. I made small talk with him about how busy it was and that it had never been this busy before.. Again little did I know, that I made him even more nervous! Sorry Ross!
We finally got to the front of the queue, Ross told me to do a ‘different photo pose’ this time and to sit on his lap, as I was waiting for him to sit down he started taking OFF his coat – ‘ARE YOU MENTAL?! ITS FREEZING’ is what I’m pretty sure came out of my mouth probably with a couple of swear words too. I realised as he was taking off his coat that underneath he had managed to put a suit on!! I remember looking round at everyone thinking what on earth is going on; I definitely didn’t think he was about to propose…

But he did, he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him and poured his heart out to me on how much he loved me – I honestly felt like I was in a film. It was the best day of my life and I can’t wait to marry him next August with our little boy by our side!

I’m so grateful our best friends were there to watch and videoed the whole thing while we also got some lovely photos from Winter Wonderlands Photographer as they were in on it too! Ross had already asked my parents for permission to marry me, so when I texted my Mum telling her we were in the Ice Kingdom she knew exactly what was about to happen! Luckily having mum in on it, she made sure I had my nails done the day before, and that I went to London in a pretty dress and boots even though it was freezing – but I went along with it. So Thanks Mum!